Conveyancing Law

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Conveyancing Law Firm

To have a successful selling and buying of real estate properties, it is important that you have a professional conveyancer by your side. They can help you in making proper decisions. An inexperienced conveyancer can lead you to buy properties that are not suitable for you. Hence, here are the following factors to consider when you choose a conveyancing law firm:

Experience of the lawyer

Give yourself the assurance that your lawyer can help you in making important property investment decision by choosing an experienced lawyer. Checking the date of establishment is a great start. The longer they are on business, the better it would be. Narrow down your options to conveyancing law firms that have been serving the public for at least ten years.

Qualifications of the lawyer

What makes the conveyancing lawyer qualified to help you make property investment decisions? First is the school they have graduated. A reputable school is most likely to produce brilliant lawyers. It’s a bonus if your lawyer is included in the top-notcher’s list. You can also check their website and look through profiles of the conveyancing lawyers that you are interested in hiring. Make sure that there are no issues with the lawyer with his past clients. Check his credentials and all the organizations he is a part of. In that way, you can rest assured that your lawyer is capable in making proper decisions for your property investment.

Location of the firm

The process will not end in just one meeting. Hence, you should choose a firm that’s located downtown or can be reached through public transportation. Hiring the best lawyer is rendered useless if you have to drive miles and drain your money because of travel expenses just for one meeting. Having an accessible location just means hassle-free and smooth transaction between you and the lawyer.

Transparency of the lawyer

As much as possible, you should choose someone who is more than willing to let you understand the process. It should be clear and justified, both for you and the seller. A professional conveyancing firm will make sure that their clients are fully informed of the decisions that they are going to make under their guidance. An accountable and transparent conveyancing firm will help you to make proper decisions in the long run. Aside from that, make sure that the firm can give you an accurate and fixed quote written in an agreement. Both parties should sign and the client should keep the original copy.


These are some of the factors that can formulate a reliable, professional, and trustworthy conveyancing law firm. If you are going to choose a conveyancing lawyer for the first time, consider the aforementioned tips above. It will help you choose the right lawyer and ensure a fruitful property investment. Buying a property is a major investment and a daunting task. Hence, make sure that you have the right conveyancing lawyer to guide you.