Criminal Law

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law is commonly experienced by many. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, it is important that you hire a skilled and professional lawyer that can help you deal with your legal issues. In order to make the right decision, here are the following mistakes to avoid when hiring a criminal lawyer.

Narrowing down your options to large law firms

While it may give you the confidence that a large law firm is most likely to have the best criminal lawyers in town, it is not always the best choice. In fact, there is a possibility that they will not be able to focus on your case properly because they have other clients to deal as well. Hence, we suggest that you opt for a small and low-key law firm. They can focus on your case without having to worry about their other clients waiting for them.

Money as a major deciding factor

Money is always a factor when hiring a criminal lawyer but it should not be the primary deciding factor. If you want to experience quality services from a lawyer, you shouldn’t hire someone just because he offered the cheapest price. Criminal law is not something you can just shrug off. A professional lawyer values his services and offers a reasonable price—not too high and not too low.

Believing in ads

There are lots of advertisement for law firms and most of them are really convincing. Be a smart client by not believing any of those advertisements, unless you get to experience their services by yourself. Do not believe in verbal promises and unrealistic outcomes. By scrutinizing the potential candidate properly, you can determine if he can handle your case or not.

Being afraid to ask

Unfortunately, most of the people are intimidated by the lawyers and will not bother to ask questions even if it’s gnawing them on the inside. There’s nothing wrong with asking. A professional lawyer is more than willing to let you understand the legal process. In that way, you can make a proper decision.

Neglecting the written agreement

The written agreement is very important especially when you agreed on a certain fee. Do not fail to ask for a written agreement. Most of the lawyers offer a free consultation. Make sure that you compare quotes from other law firms and choose the one that offers the most reasonable price. Of course, the way he accommodates you talks about your case, and discuss the possible solutions should always be considered.


Now that you know the most common mistakes in hiring a criminal lawyer, it is important that you avoid it at all costs. These mistakes will not allow you to hire the best lawyer. Be a wise client by following the aforementioned tips above. You can get through any legal case smoothly and hassle-free with the help of an experienced and highly-skilled criminal lawyer by your side.